Drive Mad

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Join the race of Drive Mad

In addition to the classic racetracks with traffic lights or vehicles on the road, coming to Drive Mad, players will face a terrain race. Let's start the game and experience its race.

Conquering Drive Mad's tracks

The game is designed with special graphics, giving gamers a comfortable feeling, love this lovely game. Coming to Drive Mad, players need to control their car to overcome the obstacles of the game. Different from Drift F1 where you need to drift your car to not fall off the track. In this game your car will go straight but be careful so that it doesn't crash. Your mission will be considered complete when you reach the destination.


  • Use the up arrow key to brake.
  • Press the down arrow key or spacebar to go straight.

Have fun with Drive Mad

Experience many tracks of the game

When you take part in Drive Mad, you will have an opportunity to drive your cars in many different races. The tracks in this game correspond to the levels of the game. The higher the levels, the more difficult the game becomes. Each track has different characteristics. Completing the challenge of Drive Mad, you will have no time limit, as long as you can reach the finish line.

Change the vehicle to suit the terrain in Drive Mad

For those who have played through racing games, you know that in order for players to have the best possible game experience, they need to upgrade or buy new cars for themselves in the game. However, when anyone participates in the race of Drive Mad, players will be able to drive different types of cars without having to worry about having to change or upgrade cars. You just need to join and complete the task well.