Word Sauce

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Word Sauce is a word finder game that asks you to find all the hidden words in the house while performing different tasks.

In fact, Word Sauce is a sauce that you make up with various words in it. How can you get everything done by yourself in this messy restaurant where you have a lot of work? The solution is quite simple. It will be so clean that you can eat clean on the floor when completing the game and all assigned activities.

You want to help grandpa reopen his business because he needs your help. Solving fun little word puzzles is the only way to do it. Start the journey by clicking on the small green arrow to the right. You can see how many letters each word needs in the puzzle. Slide the mouse from the first letter to the last letter starting with the first letter. If you want, you can also click the letters in the correct sequence.

Create as many words as you can because every extra word you create is a cookie added to the cookie jar, 7 cookies a day will benefit you! The end of each puzzle level will reward you with coins and a star. The stars will let you do the housework, while the money can be used for other alternatives like home decor or personal appearance. The notebook on the left allows you to check tasks. Test your word knowledge now.

How to play game

To spell words, connect the letters! Use mouse to start the game.