Hurdles Heroes

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Hurdles Heroes is a sport in which you run hundreds of meters and run hurdles while competing against a number of opponents from around the world.

Win the title of global champion! The most important race in history is taking place on all seven continents. You've worked hard and trained a lot to get to this point, and you have to win to keep your country strong.

It takes skill to run fast, keep balance when jumping over obstacles and win races. However, all you need to control in this game are your jumps. If you choose your country and driver, he will compete on your behalf.

All you have to do to jump when near an obstacle is press the W key, the up arrow key, or the spacebar. To help you decide where to jump, use directional cues. You have two choices of good or bad jumping, both of which will slow you down. You just need to win each level and properly practice your jumps to be able to watch all the events on all seven continents.

How to play

Use spacebar, upper arrow key or W key to jump over obstacles.