Rocket Bikes Highway Race

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Control the car in Rocket Bikes Highway Race

You can simulate the excitement of riding a bike and play as an adventurous racer in the video game Rocket Bikes Highway Race. Get ready for a wild ride by hopping on your motorbike and grabbing a helmet. If you really can't ride a motorbike, don't worry! In this game, cycling is completely legal. Click the play button on the main menu to start the game.

At this super special race many bikes are participating. Super sports bikes, dirt bikes, and speed bikes are just a few examples of the different types of motorcycles.

Customize your vehicle and terrain

One game mode is for one-way traffic, while the other is for two-way traffic. The Forest Map, the Desert Map, and the Winter Map are the three game maps that are accessible. You will join this trip on six different motorbikes while traveling to three different countries. These motorcycles are available in different vehicle models.

Raise your score and upgrade your car

You can earn money from racing and use it to buy new motorbikes. You can play on any map of your choice as all maps will be enabled. You will earn bonus points if you can pass another car at a closer distance and accelerate more than 100 Km/h.

How to play Rocket Bikes Highway Race

To play the game, use the remote control. Move with the arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys.