Balloons Creator

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Play Balloons Creator

Test your knowledge and skills on how to shoot glowing balloons from cannons and boxes of various shapes. Tap anywhere on the screen to start creating balloons, but be careful not to create too many! To pass each level, you will need to position the balloons in a straight line. When you turn on too much, the game will end and you have to start from the beginning.

Mission of the game

In this game, your task is to fill each container to the dashed line while preventing the bucket from being full. Challenge yourself by trying to determine the right amount of balloons to shoot while maintaining perfect accuracy so you can level up and get three stars. Be cautious, however, as overflowing balls will cost you one star and if you lose three you will have to start the game again. As you complete the game, you will encounter a variety of fascinating containers as well as challenging puzzles.

Experience the levels

Challenge your abilities and shoot hard as you progress through 30 different stages of increasing difficulty. At the end of each level, you will be awarded points based on how many balloons you can inflate without losing even a single balloon along the way. To get all three stars in each level, you need to carefully plan each move.

How to play

To shoot the balloon, tap the screen. Use the mouse if you play on the computer.