Fruit Slice Frenzy

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About Fruit Slice Frenzy

Fruit Slice Frenzy is exciting new game different from traditional game. In which the player must divide each fruit into two parts and avoid the bombs.

In this interactive online game you will be tested on your katana skills, which is one of the swords that currently holds the record for sharpness. Your recklessness, coupled with the impending explosion caused by explosives, will be the only thing holding you back from success.

Use skills to cut fruit

You will be asked to cut everything in half with your sharp knife, including bananas, pineapples and coconuts, except for explosives that will suddenly appear and take you by surprise. You start the game with three lives, but if you detonate a bomb, one of your lives will be taken away instantly. As long as you pay attention to get the highest score possible in Fruit Slice Frenzy before you run out of lives, the game will be very interesting for you.

Game graphics

The game has beautiful sharp 3D graphics that give you a realistic feeling when playing. Especially with many different fruits that will attract you and feel satisfied with this game!

How to play

You can use the mouse to play, when the fruit is thrown use the mouse to click and slash it. You can also play on your phone by swiping on the screen.