Bart Simpson Saw

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Bart Simpson Saw is the rescue game. Help Bart escape the school because Pigsaw and some other scary villains have found a way to lock him up.

How to play the game Bart Simpson Saw?

If you find the game Bart Simpson Saw entertaining, then you will be excited to join this game. Take on the role of the virtuous Lisa and accept the challenge to save the rest of your family from Pigsaw's clutches. You should collect content from across the region to add to your clipboard as you go around. Just interact with the people you run past, you will have to click on them. You can have different types of interactions with your lips, hands, and eyes by clicking on those parts of your body.

To perform certain actions, you must first remove an item from your inventory, then place it on top of another element, on the stage, or inside the inventory itself. You can end the conversation by using the ESC key on your keyboard, or you can move through the conversation faster by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Select locations on the map

By going to your map and clicking on different locations, such as the cemetery, the school, the J. Springfield monument, the lab, or the comic book store, you can reach many other locations together. Can you afford to save Homer, Marge and Bart from the clutches of the fearsome Pigsaw?

Game controls: Use mouse to play.