Ball Puzzle

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About Ball Puzzle

Ball Puzzle is an online game that attracts many players of all ages. You will challenge your brain by solving more difficult math puzzles as you go through the stages of the game.

Matching the ball is a difficult task, in which the player is required to rearrange the position of the puzzle pieces inside the box to facilitate the ball moving towards the goal. This game gives you various missions as you go through stages. After you successfully complete a task, the game will automatically move to the next level. You will not have the option to choose the difficulty of the mission. All are compelling obstacles to overcome. Don't let fear stop you from taking on these tasks!

How to solve puzzles in Ball Puzzle?

Game controls: You need to be able to control these puzzles with your mouse in order to solve them.

After clicking on the appropriate element of the puzzle, you drag your mouse in the desired direction to move it. Slides in the puzzle can only change their position; the orientation of the slides cannot be changed in any way.

Therefore, to perform the best possible slide, you need to take into account the sliding direction of the puzzle pieces. The more steps you take, the lower your score will be. Your total score is calculated in a way that is inversely proportional to the number of stages you complete. Your score will increase with the number of times you can complete the slide with fewer moves. Do you follow the instructions? Let the game begin!