Stickjet Challenge

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Stickjet Challenge is a video game in which you play as a stickman with a jetpack and must complete a series of progressively challenging stages.

For a successful Stickjet Challenge, your little stick ninja needs your help! He tries to get the flag without hitting any obstacles or falling in each level.

In this action game, Stickman can soar with jet support, but he has to be careful with the ceiling. The goal of the game is to win the flag at each stage without crashing or falling. You will face a number of obstacles that you will need to help the stickman conquer. He can break the red wheel of spikes!

This game has 60 distinct stages that all must be completed. The flags must be visited to unlock each level. You also have to support him so that he gets the stars in each level. Start the game by tapping, then tapping, holding, and releasing to let the character fly. He will go on his own, so you have to keep an eye on him. It is safe to walk on the green. Try to get to the flags at the checkpoint so you can restart after he dies. Start the game if you are ready for an adventure!

How to play

To start using the mouse to play the game, click the play button on the main menu.