Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart shopping paradise

Little monkeys are waiting to buy agricultural products from your shop. Try to grow and harvest products to meet the needs of customers as well as develop your supermarket in Monkey Mart

How to get cash in Monkey Mart

This is a good entertainment game for anyone who loves online games. Participating in this game experience, you will transform into a shop owner that provides food for monkeys. Your task is to grow plants, raise animals and harvest products from them such as bananas, corn, milk, or eggs to sell to the market. From there, you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of cash. If you are bored with this game, we have many more of which Octordle is the highly rated game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Outstanding features of Monkey Mart

Upgrades for your staff

The staff in your supermarket will sometimes be overworked to the point of falling asleep due to the overcrowding of customers. Instead of constantly reminding, waking them up, you can improve this by upgrading them so that they can work more productively, carry more items. Thanks to that, they also have less to move and less fatigue. The money you earn, in addition to being used to buy clothes, expand the store, do not forget to upgrade your employees.

Expand the supermarket in Monkey Mart

Your supermarket is now famous, well known and flocked here to buy food items. However, the more supermarkets develop, the more customers consume, their demand also increases significantly. Therefore, you need to grow your business with more products to meet the needs of your customers and attract more new customers. The game will be more interesting when your store is more crowded, and you will earn more cash in Monkey Mart.