13 Days In Hell

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About 13 days in hell

Zombies came to Earth, they were scary and cruel devils. They will try to lurk and kill you with ax, so pay attention to all your actions. Your goal is to eliminate each of them to prevent the attack before they affect you. You can play the game as a 'chosen person', with the sole goal of enduring the relentless bombardment of the devil souls for 13 days. To prevent them from cutting you out, you have to shoot and kill the souls running to you with their ax.

Complete the game screen

Your mission is to maintain your position and remove zombies before they can arrive at you. The zombies emerge in groups. There are a total of 13 batches, each day. You can switch to the next game after completing a game and get a stronger weapon on the way.

Use weapons for battle days

You can only use the pistol on the first day, the desert eagle on Monday, etc. You have to target well to avoid bullets and encounter great difficulties. Help more than 13 days in hell!

Game control

  • Mouse = shoot/aim.
  • Album keys = Reload.
  • Press the key 1/2/3/4/5 = Change weapons.