Ninja Clash 3D

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About Ninja Clash 3D

You will lead a team of adept heroes in this game. You'll find a character you like, whether it's a cunning Buddhist monk, a stealthy Ninja Scout, a fully armored warrior or a Geisha sniper assassin.

The action takes place in a beautiful garden, but you won't have much time to notice your surroundings when your opponent kidnaps the Genius Cats you're determined to protect.

Character control

Learn to master this third-person online shooter, set in a castle in feudal Japan but still packed with modern weapons. Choose from many different classes, each with a unique weapon. To assist your team to win the round, shoot and eliminate enemies from the opposing team.

Unlock and upgrade

Unlock crates of powerful weapons and boosters by unlocking your class's lethal abilities and collecting stars. Boost your character, get badges and get the most out of Ninja Clash Heroes! The terrain has many interesting and quite detailed features, which can lead to all kinds of interesting battle scenarios.

How to play

This game features the same WASD and mouse aiming controls as all previous games in the Clash series.