Brave Fighters

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About Brave Fighters

Brave Fighters is a fun fighting game. You will participate in the game for two players, and your task is to attack the opponent before he defeats you.

We are sure that you will have a good time playing this game, as the two-player fighting game has been featured on our website today. We are excited to present you a brand new game called Brave Fighters. The aesthetic and design of the game is simple and traditional, but playing it is sure to bring a lot of fun to you.

Conquer all conflicts by taking on the role of a brave warrior. If you choose narrative mode, you'll be thrust into the wilderness and forced to engage in a series of street fights against multiple enemies. To save the community, you will need to defeat all the enemies you face. from outsiders who want to invade it. Why don't you ask some of your friends to join you?

How to play Brave Fighters?

In a mode known as Player versus Player, each of the two players competes against each other in an attempt to deplete the other's health bar before they can do the same to their own.

Specific controls:

  • Player 1: Uses WAXD as their primary motion control, S for attack, F for defense, and E for their special attack. Arrow keys are used to move.
  • Player 2: While J, K and L are used to attack, defend and perform special attacks respectively.