Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a thrilling and exciting shooting game. Choose one of three game modes and engage to take down your opponents with guns and bombs.

Once you're in the game, choose a name for your character, start choosing to customize your egg, and choose one of three game types. In this game, you have to put in a lot of effort to keep your eggs safe while harming your opponent's eggs. Explore all the game modes and discover if you have what it takes to dominate the Shell Shockers arena. Join the fight against the enemy eggs by joining the red or blue faction and kill as many eggs as you can.

Two teams compete against each other for the spoon. The team that currently has the spoon will receive points for a life, but that score can be forfeited if the player currently in possession of the spoon dies.

Weapons List

Shell Shockers have a total of seven main weapons. There are benefits and limitations associated with each weapon. A gun like the Crackshot will be extremely handy if you have an egg-based target to aim at. Try Whipper if you're the type of person who's more comfortable with spraying and praying.

  • The EggK-47 is a traditional medium-range automatic weapon.
  • The Scrambler is a shotgun with great damage.
  • A semi-automatic sniper rifle called the Free Ranger.
  • RPEGG stands for "Extreme Damage RPG" and "Whipper" is a fast-firing gun with a modest range.
  • The term "Crackshot" refers to a fast-action sniper rifle.
  • TriHard is an accurate medium-range machine gun.

Features and characteristics

  • Crazy first person shooter game.
  • The main focus is around the egg.
  • Multiple playable modes and weapons.
  • You can customize the eggs and shop for strategic extras.
  • Collect egg bullets.

Take control of the game

  • To navigate, use the WASD keys.
  • To shoot, use left click.
  • Press the E key to switch weapons.
  • Q key launches grenades.Press the R key to reload.
  • Space to dance.
  • Hold Shift to zoom and aim.