Fish Love

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About Fish Love

Fish Love is a fascinating game about love. Help your fish meet each other by finding ways to unlock them so they can meet each other through the levels.

This is a game with simple gameplay suitable for everyone. It will give you great entertainment time. The main characters in the game are two cute uncles, and they are prevented by someone from meeting each other, they need your help. Do you want to help the cute fish character in this game so they can meet each other?

Even fish will develop feelings and bonds with each other during their interactions. A male and a female are separated by locking pins, and then each fish is fastened inside different tubes and structures. You'll need to click on the pegs to move them, and you'll also need to make sure you do this in the correct order to bring the pegs together. The mission will end once you have completed that particular goal.

If you leave the fish trapped in a trap, allow them to be burned by lava (possibly stopped by water), or encounter any other form of misfortune, the level will be lost and you will have to Restart the game from the beginning.

How to play game

Use mouse to play, drag and unlock to bring two fish together.