Cycle Sprint

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Description of Cycle Sprint

Cycle Sprint is a fun, authentic bike racing game. You can win the championship title, dodge other opponents, and save your energy when you need it most.

Get on your bike, and see how fast you can get it to the finish line! Take part in competitive cycling competitions with some of the best cyclists in the world in the European countries of France, Italy and Spain. Get around other bikes using the provided lanes. Use boosters to increase the number of pedals you do and give your competitors the upper hand. Just make sure you don't let it weaken your strength.

Note when participating in the race

Cycling is an interesting sport. In the game the competitors are asked to collect all the water bottles they can locate during each race. Remember that you will not be able to join the lane while another cyclist is using it. Because it's important to know when to accelerate so you don't run out of energy when you need to overtake another cyclist. You must first win every race by joining play now!

To win each race, you'll need to outrun other racers, collect gear, and ride your way to victory. You will have to compete in 21 races across three countries to win the title of global champion.

Game control

To move between lanes, use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. To use Boost, press the spacebar on your keyboard.