Drift F1

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Drift F1 is a racing game. To operate your vehicle, press buttons, take challenges and compete for scores and rankings on twists and turns.

Start playing Drift F1 where you can show your driving skills. Get in the car and accelerate to the finish line as soon as you can. Remember that the time you complete the course is inversely related to your score. Therefore, you should try your best to complete the course as soon as possible to get the best score.

The racecourse is quite uneven, so be careful. The circuit also has a lot of challenging turns. You have to click or release LEFT MOUSE BUTTON in time lapse to pass them. To avoid running off the track, try to make perfect drifts.

If you want to win the game, you should time your turn. Drift F1 has some challenging areas, but you can improve it by playing it more. Every platform is restricted in some way, requiring careful redirection.

How to play

To turn left or right, click on the left. Mouse button to move forward directly.