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About Octordle

Octordle is an enjoyable puzzle game in which you have to play with letters. You have a chance to guess many words at the same time. It is very difficult.

Octordle and Wordle

I bet you've tried Wordle if you're a fan of word-guessing games. Wordle is the original of many other word-guessing games. If Wordle only had 1 daily word per day for the player to guess, the player would have to guess 8 words in the Octordle game. That has challenged millions of players worldwide. Many players gave up when the difficulty of the Octordle game was 8 times that of Wordle. Are you the one who can conquer this game? Use vocabulary and logical thinking to find the right answers. Prove that you are a vocabulary genius right away.

Some outstanding features of Octordle

Octordle means Wordle number 8 and it is the harder version. This installment was developed by Kenneth Crawford. Your mission is to guess 8 words and each word has 5 letters. Of course, this game is extremely challenging, so you have 13 tries. The game offers different grids for each word. One more thing, all these words will be different and the grids aren't going to be related together. However, one word you guess will be applied to 8 grids. Therefore, you have to think carefully before entering any words.

Two modes of the Octordle game

This game is the most unique puzzle game because of its mode. You do not only guess the daily words in daily Octordle, but you also can play as much as you want in the free Octordle. Now, let's explore the details of 2 game modes: Daily Octordle and Free Octordle.

  • Daily Octordle: 8 new words will be provided each day. This rule will be applied to all players in the world. Therefore, all players must guess the same octordle answers. Can you guess quicker than others? We are waiting for your answer.
  • Free Octordle: Instead of only having 8 new words per day, this mode allows players to play as many as they want. Each play will be a new Octordle. You can enjoy this mode in WideScreen mode which will help you see more clearly.

How to play Octordle

Are you ready to enter the world of word guessing? Now, we will learn the rules of this game. Don't be too surprised by the number of crosswords in this game. Don't think of them as endless and unconquerable. You need to come up with clear strategies before starting the game.

Enter the first word

The first word always plays an important role in any word guessing game. You can eliminate the incorrect letters or find the correct one on the first try. Remember a rule when entering the first letter is that it should contain different letters. Also, it should have common vowels and consonants. I will suggest some words like: audio, crane, tears, etc.

Find out the letters

As soon as you finish typing a word, you need to press the enter button on the screen to check the word. If the square containing a letter turns green, that letter is in the correct word and in the right spot. If the letter is in the hidden word and wrong spot, the square will turn yellow. When you get the wrong letter, the square will be gray. You can base on the color of the squares to have the correct answer.

Guess all 8 words

If you study deeply about this game, the most effective method to solve the problem is to guess 8 words at once. After many tries, you will get useful clues and you can use them to guess the words in each grid.

Some tips and notes when playing Octordle

Plan your guessing words

As you know, the number of letters of each word will be 5 words. Also, the word that needs to meet the requirement is valid. The first guess is very important and it can help to guess or eliminate many letters. For later guesses, it will be better if you enter words that do not repeat the letters the first time. That way, you can eliminate as many wrong words as possible. If you can guess the words on the first try very well. If not, you can guess on the 13th. If you guess wrong, you will have to start the game again. We want to give you the most common letters in 5-letter words. They are S, E, A, O, I, T, N, and U.

No limited time

This game has quite simple graphics but the gameplay attracts a lot of players. Octordle has no time limit to play, so you have more time to think. So, find the right words to be able to give the final answer.

Refer to the answer

If you have tried all methods and still can't find the answer today. You can see the answers online. You will probably find the correct answer on the internet. Moreover, you also can ask your friends or family for help. Besides, you can challenge them. Let's see who will solve the problem more quickly.


Can children play the Octordle game?

Yes, they can.

What benefits of playing this game?

You can expand your vocabulary and develop logical thinking. It also can unwind when you are tired.

Do I need to install this game?

No, you don't. This game is designed with HTML5 technology, so this game can run directly on the web browser. Therefore, you don't need to spend time downloading this puzzle game.

How to control this game?

There are virtual keyboards on the screen. Let's click the mouse on them to type the letters.

Does this game operate on mobile devices?

Yes, it does. You are able to play this game on mobile devices or desktops. In addition, this game is a great method for education at school. The lesson will be more exciting with this game.