4X4 Drive Offroad

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4X4 Drive Offroad game information

Offroad 4x4 Drive is a driving game, and you need to show your skills. Drive through different terrains and overcome the challenges of the game. This is a fun off-road driving game that everyone enjoys and appreciates. Crazy road is waiting for you in this 3D game. Are you ready to start racing in extreme conditions and put your driving abilities to the test?

Levels in 4X4 Drive Offroad

To begin with, you will play through several levels. In this game mode, there are a total of 20 different levels to be completed. You are tasked with achieving one goal in each of these stages. When you complete each level, you will be moved to the next level.

Perform tasks while driving

The game includes a variety of different mission types, such as driving to the gate in search of a ship or passing through checkpoints. Other types of quests are also provided. You need to move quickly to finish before time runs out. Your goal in this game is to collect as many red stars as possible before time runs out. So plan on trying to do it soon!

How to control

Use the mouse and the corresponding WASD keys to move and brake.

4x4 Drive Offroad includes many off-road racing features such as:

  • Graphics, sounds are vivid and realistic.
  • Wide range of trucks and four-wheelers.
  • Tailor your vehicles accordingly.
  • The map in the game will provide a lot of information.
  • Experience many obstacles and goals.
  • There are many hurdles that you need to overcome.