Duck Life

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Duck Life game information

You are tasked with training a duck for the championship race in this thrilling game. Help him develop his talents for sprinting, jumping, flying and swimming by guiding him through training exercises. Enjoy this thrilling online game, but be careful not to run out of energy.

Make sure your duck is faster, stronger and more agile than all the other ducklings combined as you take steps with it. You will be judged on your ability to run, swim and fly. To prepare your rogue apprentice for the big duck race, send him out to practice after practice.

Duck Life training process

To buy bird seeds, you have to collect pellets. You can choose between the talent seed, which enhances your duck skills, and the energy seed, which prolongs your ability to run, jump and swim. Your pet will accumulate cash as it moves to the top of the leaderboard as you participate in duck races duck race after duck race. Your animal must rank higher in its fields in each successive level. To win the Duck's life, dive deep into the water or run like crazy.

Plus you can also purchase chic hats, gorgeous hairstyles and other personalized things to celebrate your sporting achievements. Make your duck look spectacular and different, like a pro athlete.

Start participating in the journey of thrilling races

The duck is ready to take part in the most challenging races after it has mastered the abilities required for this game. Between the Beginner's Race and the World Championship, there are a total of five laps. From the Beginner's Race to the World Championship, the rounds get harder and harder. With the exception of the World Championship, each round has four races held in four separate cities. Controlling the duck while it runs through some dangerous hazards is necessary to win. You have to try your best because your opponent is also quite strong.

Game control

  • Arrows = Jump over or dash down, move left and right.
  • Mouse = Jump up.
  • Drag the screen to change the flight direction.