Help The Boy: Physics Puzzle

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About Help The Boy: Physics Puzzle

Help The Boy: Physics Puzzle is the type of game you should play if you enjoy both challenging puzzles and exciting situations. You play as a child who needs your help to solve some physics-based problem. You know that Bedouins have a passion for traveling from one location to another. So our protagonist decided to go on a trip, but not in the usual sense. When moving from one location to another, he will navigate using balloons attached to his hands.

You will play as a young man imprisoned and must use his brain and fingers to control various things in order to escape many dangers and puzzles. The problems vary from level to level, but I don't see how they can be so difficult for you to get through, let's see how you can support this young person with just a little thought on your part.

Pay attention to the things in the environment as they will assist you in completing the task. Learn the fundamentals of how the item works so you can maximize its positive effects. The game features stunning visuals and well-thought-out level designs, allowing players to have loads of fun while also facing various difficulties.

How to play

Use the mouse to play, click the objects to solve the puzzle, then click the boy to fly up.