Jewels blitz 6

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Jewels Blitz 6 is a fun, addictive match-3 puzzle game filled with colorful gems! Your mission is to match gems and complete different levels in the game.

Welcome to fun games and free online play at our website. This is probably a familiar game to many people because it has many different new versions but the gameplay is still familiar. In Jewels blitz 6 you will experience different exciting levels with possibly different missions, don't worry, you will quickly complete the mission of the game because it is quite easy.

Quests in Jewels blitz 6

You will need to collect as many gems as possible and break the surrounding obstacles, or will release items that appear in the game. However, no matter what you do, remember your main task is to match pairs of gems of the same color and remove them from the board.

How to perform gemstone pairing

You need to match 3 gems of the same color to delete them. To do this, you need to use the mouse to operate. If you delete pairs of gems, you will get extra points. However, different line breaks will appear if you match more than 3 gems. On each completed level you can collect up to three stars. Are you confident to complete your levels as quickly as possible?

Specific controls:

Use the mouse to play

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Interesting features

  • Experience captivating 3D graphics
  • Simple gameplayChallenge many different levels
  • Match colorful gems
  • Experience 4 different ways to increase your power