Classic Mahjong

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What game is Classic Mahjong?

Classic Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and patience that players of all ages can enjoy. Come up with key strategies to enhance your gameplay. The classic tile-laying game known as Classical Mahjong has its origins in ancient Chinese civilization. In the online version of this game, the player must remove pairs of identical tiles from a large and complex arrangement to complete the level. This game is famous for its complex models, strategic gameplay, and peaceful atmosphere. Classic Mahjong, sometimes called Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, is a puzzle game first played in China during the Qing Dynasty. Its origin can be traced to Shanghai.

The main goal of Classic Mahjong

The main goal of Classic Mahjong is to clear the game board by matching pairs of identical tiles. The game usually starts with a layout of stacked tiles that resemble pyramids or other shapes, depending on the variation you are playing. Your goal is to remove all the tiles to win the game.

Game setup

Classic Mahjong is usually played with a set of 144 tiles, divided into different sets and types. The suits include bamboo, characters, dots, wind, dragon and flower. Each suit consists of numbered tiles, except for the wind, dragon and flower which are unique.

How to play Classic Mahjong?

To play classic Mahjong, you need to match pairs of identical tiles. You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles to their left or right and can move freely. A cell is considered free if it is not covered by another cell and has at least one free adjacent face.

Special cells and rules

In addition to the usual combinations, Classic Mahjong also has special tiles and rules that add complexity and strategy to the game. Including:

  • Wind (East, South, West, North): These tiles are matched into sets of four, corresponding to four players.
  • Dragon (Red, Green, White): These tiles can be matched together and they are considered valuable.
  • Flowers: Flowers are bonus tiles that can be matched with each other but cannot be matched with other regular tiles.

Plan your move

Successful mahjong players strategize by planning their moves in advance. It is essential to consider the consequences of each move and predict how it will affect the board and your ability to match pieces later.

Pay attention to the wall

In some variations of classic Mahjong, there is a 'wall' of tiles at the end of the board. Carefully managing this wall and choosing tiles from it can be a game changer. Pay attention to which bricks are coming up on the wall and use this information to your advantage.


Classic Mahjong is a challenging and rewarding game that requires both skill and strategy. By understanding the rules, mastering matching pieces, and using strategic thinking, you can improve your Mahjong skills and enjoy countless hours of fun. So, collect your pieces, start practicing and embark on your journey to becoming a mahjong master!