WarZone Clash

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Learn the content of the game WarZone Clash

WarZone Clash is a shooting action game that gives you a strong feeling when participating. Play as a girl and go on a mission to destroy her opponent. If you are looking for an engaging fighting game then WarZone Clash is a great game for you. The first thing you need to do when entering the game is to enter your name, then select your battle area and start the quest.

There are 3 battle areas for you to choose from:

  • Europe
  • ASIA
  • the USA

Once allocated to one of the two teams, you must do your best to shoot down your opponents while trying to kill as many as possible for your own personal gain.

The game with 3D graphics gives you a realistic feeling as well as combined with vivid sound, will make players attracted to this game immediately. How can you compete and win against many players in the world? What you need to do is practice your shooting skills expertly and take down your opponents before they chase and destroy you. Pay attention to the number of bullets you shoot and don't get hit.

How to play WarZone Clash?

Move around with WASD, run with shift, aim and shoot with mouse, jump with spacebar and reload with R. If you complete the mission successfully and earn coins, you can buy more powerful weapons between missions session. You can also find more ammunition and power-ups on the map.

It's that simple, so get started right here, right here and don't forget to invite your friends to join and they'll enjoy what they discover just as much as you do! Show everyone that you are a professional shooter and they will be terrified if they face you. Good luck and happy!