Robber Vs Police Fighting

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Robber Vs Police Fighting is a fighting game. In which cunning robbers pit against police officers relentlessly, join and let's teach them a lesson.

In Robber Vs Police Fighting, the player plays the role of a police officer and performs his role to defeat the bandits who intend to attack you. A unique gameplay experience that challenges players to apply different strategies and tactics to achieve their goals.

Players can further enhance their gameplay experience by customizing their characters and equipment. As a bandit, you can choose disguises, tools and gadgets to outsmart the police. On the other hand, police officers can be equipped with the latest weapons and equipment to track down and arrest elusive criminals.

Your fists are the most important item for you to win, even more important than all the fighting sports for which you are trained, such as boxing, kickboxing, karate or wrestling. If you want to win, your fists are the most important thing. Proceed to wipe out your environment and eliminate any bandits you find with the right tactics. Make sure you wipe out the bandits one by one. The game offers players a great fighting game experience as well as offline entertainment options and it boasts innovative 3D graphics, animations, effects and game simulations. Just pressing the Play button will prove you are eligible to work as a member of the law enforcement community.

Guide play

You can use the mouse to join this game. Punch the bandits repeatedly so they don't knock you down.