Return Man Football

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About Return Man Football

Return Man Football is a fun and familiar game. Master your rugby ball and compete with your opponents on the field, then come out on top with many goals.

You must aim the ball towards the goal that says 'Touchdown' because this is a soccer game. Each level contains a large number of enemies, such as Atlant, Red Devil, Blue Crow and many others. To get to the next level and fight with a stronger squad, you must defeat each team member with a high score. It implies that before you can play the Red Devil team, you must first face the Atlant team and defeat them. The players of the opposing team are extremely agile in this situation and when you are not paying attention, they can quickly take the ball away from you. Then how do you get the ball back into the Touchdown goal?

The conflict between your team and the opposition is fierce. They will constantly get in your way and hold you back. By dragging the mouse, you can score from the starting position of the playing field to the finish line. Drag the ball with the mouse from the beginning of the field to the end of the field. Avoiding opponents and not letting them catch the ball will help you win the game. Remember that you need to show technique to get a high score and move on to the next level. For example, if all you have to do is quickly drag a line to the target, you will only get 8 points and have to complete the level.

Basic controls

Before diving into the game, it is essential to understand the controls. Return Man Football is often played on a computer keyboard.

  • Me: Run forward
  • J: Run left
  • K: Running back
  • L: Run rightSpacebar: Resolve diving
  • To successfully catch the ball and go down the field, press the 'I' key to run forward. Anticipate the trajectory of the ball and aim to place your player underneath the ball to catch it. Your timing will determine whether you succeed or fail.