Island Survival

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About Island Survival

Island Survival takes you on an exciting journey, you need to survive and explore on a mysterious island! Try to find food, build a house to ensure a life.

In "Island Survival", players find themselves stranded on a mysterious and remote island, facing the ultimate test of survival. Lush landscapes and difficult terrain hide hidden dangers and treasures, making every move an unpredictable adventure. To survive, the player must scavenge for resources, craft the necessary tools, and build shelters to protect themselves from the elements and hostile creatures lurking in the wilderness.

Resource gathering

The key to survival is resource management. The player must explore the island to collect important materials such as wood, stone, and plants. These resources are important for crafting tools, weapons, and shelters.

Crafting and Building

Use the collected resources to craft various items necessary for survival. Build strong shelters to withstand extreme weather conditions and craft weapons to defend yourself against hostile creatures.

Hunting and Fishing

Sustain yourself by hunting animals and fishing in the island's rich waters. Properly cooked foods provide essential nutrients for maintaining energy and health.


Unravel the island's mysteries by venturing into uncharted territories. Discover ancient ruins, hidden caves, and valuable artifacts that hold secrets to the island's past.

Survival challenge

Overcome environmental hazards, solve puzzles, and take on formidable enemies to test your survival skills.

Island Survival Tips

  • Start by harvesting trees and rocks, then use those resources to craft things like fishing gear, hunting weapons, building materials, water and electricity mining equipment, etc
  • Find some food or start your own farm, whichever comes first.

How to play?

You can play the game using your mouse.