Horror Tale: Kidnapper

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About Horror Tale: Kidnapper

Horror Tale: Kidnapper begins a mysterious and dramatic adventure. Join and search for kidnapper in dark forest and rescue people from kidnapper.

Game developer

Euphoria Games developed the game Horror Tale: Kidnapper and released it in March 2023.

In this episode, you meet your best friend Harry, who has developed a plan to rescue you and the other kids in your neighborhood from a child kidnapper while you wait for your parents to return from their trip. their go. You will team up with him to try to fortify the tree house so that the scary kidnapper can't get to you. Along the way to your goal, you'll encounter tough questions, chills, screams, unexpected turns, and lots of fun.

Roleplay and complete your quest in Horror Tale: Kidnapper

You will play as a boy named Tom. He was asked to deliver eggs from the family farm to his close friend, who would then give the eggs to that friend's mother. On the other hand, a terrible tragedy happened along the route! The child was cycling along the road when suddenly from behind some bushes, a strange man wearing a hideous rabbit mask stepped out.

The boy wakes up confined in a warehouse, where his surroundings are completely black. We've got to get out of here as quickly as possible, but there's a madman lurking under the window. Take a brick and use it to bring down the weak part of the wall. Find a broken bicycle wheel, make the necessary repairs, then go see your best friend Harry. But you need to be careful because the madman will look for you and won't stop until he finds you. But Tom is not giving up without a fight!

Choose game mode

You must decide on the difficulty level before you start: Ghost, Easy, Medium or Hard. In Ghost mode your enemies won't be able to see or hear you, but in hard mode the madman will move quickly and will see and hear everything clearly. Challenging level indicates how difficult it is to evade your pursuers and find the materials you need.


  • A story both mysterious and interesting.
  • There are scary villains that will make you scream, as well as fascinating neighbors.
  • Self-finding games, hidden objects and more puzzles
  • There are five distinct sites to choose from.
  • The graphics are exquisitely designed and stylish
  • Music in enchanting background.

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Play control

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • To bow press C
  • To see suggestions press FINAL
  • The action of pressing F
  • Leaving the object press X
  • Throwing objects press WOOD
  • Pause pressing P