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About Ducklings

Ducklings needs you to transform into a cute duck. Your mission is to swim around the lake and search and save the lonely lost ducklings around there.

You play as an adorable duck in the adorable online game Ducklings, in which you search for missing ducklings in a pond. You're swimming around trying to find as many lost ducklings as possible and bring them safely back to the nest. You are not the only loving parent duck in the pond, therefore other ducks will want to kidnap your ducklings so they can win the glory and improve your nest to rescue them.


You will advance to the next level for each duckling you successfully save. After completing level 400, the game is over and you have won! Be vigilant to stay away from these other ducks and take as many precautions as possible to save your baby.


Stay away from boats that are being operated carelessly as they can damage you. Explore the area and search for the missing ducklings swimming alone. If you can bring them back without incident, you will be rewarded with improvements to your nest. Beware of inattentive boats, they can damage you. In case you get hit by a boat, your current duckling level will be reset to the previously unlocked level.

How to play

You need to use the mouse to participate in the game.