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Clanker.io is an enthralling isometric pixel art shooter that plunges players straight into a fast-paced and action-packed world of mech combat.

Players pilot their fighting machines aiming to outlast their opponents in high-octane conflicts as the action takes place inside the confines of a derelict mining station. As soon as players are allowed to join the game, they automatically become members of a group. Your team members are represented in various colors, while opponents are represented in red. The game's user interface includes a red rectangle that players can use as a guide to point them in the direction of their opponents. This feature ensures that players are constantly aware of what is going on in the game, regardless of whether their opponents are in sight or not.

Objective of the game

The online multiplayer game Clanker.io combines elements of strategy, reflexes and teamwork. The goal of the game is for the player to become a master of the art of mecha combat in a very fast-paced setting. Players are required to cooperate to defeat their enemies.

Video games provide players with a prominent head-up display, commonly known as a HUD, that focuses on their machine and displays real-time information about the status of their machine. On the screen, the giant arc depicts the remaining strength of the ship's hull, while the bar directly below it illustrates the shield's current level of effectiveness. During combat, the machine's force field is intended to reduce the severity of the impact of any initial damage they suffer. Once this force field has been depleted to its maximum level, the body will begin to take damage. The player has the option of using a strategy that takes advantage of the mech's ability to focus forward energy to reduce the amount of damage dealt to the shield. Even though the shield is capable of recharging itself at 50%, players still need to search for pickups spread across the terrain to continue playing after this point.

The first few seconds after the mech respawns, it is resistant to damage; however, at this point, its weapons were disabled. When players successfully defeat creatures in the game, they are rewarded with rank increases and the opportunity to purchase new equipment. These devices can be traded for new machines, some of which are potentially more powerful than the ones you already have, which adds a level of strategy to the action.

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Control instructions

  • WASD = move,
  • Space bar = bash
  • 1-6 = change weapon
  • Q = mine attack
  • E = defensive mines
  • R = heal