Chain Color Sort

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About Chain Color Sort

Chain Color Sort is a simple, entertaining puzzle game. Observe and arrange by connecting chains of the same color and completing different levels.

Welcome to the exciting world of Chain Color Sort, an engaging puzzle game that challenges your strategy and color matching skills. In this guide we will guide you through the rules and strategies of the game, helping you to become a master color sorter. With unique gameplay mechanics and engaging challenges, Chain Color Sort is sure to provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

Quests to complete through levels in the game

You have to arrange the strings in it by color in this game. You must apply logic to arrange all the links of different chains by their color in this fun free online game. There are different color combinations on different chain bars, try to connect them completely to the same color (you will see they are blue, red and yellow)

Links from one chain must be transferred to another at each level; however, you cannot move individual links. You should always get all successive links of the same color and you can do this by placing them on another link of the same color. Before you can continue successfully, you may need to change some distinct color groups. The final result must have all strings of the same color.

Remember that the difficulty will increase gradually with each level and you need to be careful to complete it. Or you can also play octordle another puzzle game that challenges your thinking and knowledge.


You use the mouse to bring the chains together.