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Game Info

Branches is fun moving game. You need to control your character to move continuously by touching and rotating the wooden stick to be able to go far.

The game is famous for its highly addictive ability in players. You can move the wooden stick by touching it and rotating it in different directions to avoid colliding with the crossbars or falling behind. You go down a path shaped like a log and it flows endlessly, and from there branches grow endlessly to block your path as you descend the tree. You can move the character forward without waiting on the branch by rotating the trunk with the left mouse button. This gives you more freedom to explore the environment.

Be careful while rotating so that the character doesn't get knocked off the tree trunk by the branch and try not to linger too long so that the image doesn't cross the edge of the screen. The rotation sides of the trunk are susceptible to change in many types, and as the game progresses, the pace of play increases dramatically. You will have the opportunity to personalize your avatar by purchasing different skins with the coins you earn along the way.

Main features of the game Branches

  • Unique high definition pixel style graphics.
  • Cute character.
  • Simple gameplay requires skill.
  • Can play for free without internet.
  • Cross the platforms.
  • Collect gems and diamonds.

How to play Branches?

You can use the mouse to play, touch the screen to start rotating the wooden stick and moving.