Among Dots

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Among Dots is an engaging game that combines strategy and teamwork to give you a thrill. Try to fix some rooms and escape the maze on the spaceship. In this game, we'll dive into the unique features and gameplay mechanics that make Among Dots an experience not to be missed. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the field, this game will give you the insights you need to navigate the complex world of Among Dots.

Basic goal

At its core, Among Dots is a multiplayer strategy game set in a dynamic environment. Players are divided into two teams: Dots and Impostors. The Dot attempts to complete a variety of tasks across the map, while the Impostor works in secret to remove the Dot without getting caught. The game offers a simple yet engaging premise that ensures players of all backgrounds can join in and enjoy the fun.

Complete Quests and Impostors' Plots

Completing the quest is very important to the Dots as it brings them closer to victory. These tasks vary widely, from repairing systems to diverting power. However, Impostors can sabotage missions, creating chaos and suspicion among players. The impostors must strategically remove the dots one by one while maintaining their cover. The balance between performing quests and identifying potential Impostors is central to Among Dots' gameplay.

Communication and teamwork in Among Dots

Among Dots thrives on effective communication and teamwork. Whether you're a Scot or an Impostor, cooperation is key. The dots can convene emergency meetings to discuss suspicions and vote on players they consider to be Impostors. On the other hand, impostors must skillfully manipulate discussions and divert attention to survive. The game encourages players to cooperate and analyze behavior to identify the real culprit.

Embark on your journey between the dots

An important aspect of Among Dots is the art of deduction. The dots must closely observe behavior, alibi, and movement to identify potential threats. The impostors use psychological tactics, creating suspicion among crew members. As the Dot, sharpen your reasoning skills to unmask the Impostors, and as the Impostor refine your manipulation techniques to evade suspicion. The mental tug-of-war between the two roles adds even more layers of excitement to the game.


Among Dots seamlessly blends strategy, deception, and social interaction, delivering an immersive gaming experience. With engaging gameplay mechanics and an emphasis on teamwork, the game fosters camaraderie and rivalry between players. So whether you're working hard to complete a quest or staging a web of lies as an Impostor, Among Dots promises endless hours of fun. Enter this captivating universe, sharpen your analytical skills and start the battle of wits!