Skibidi Toilet Challenge

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About Skibidi Toilet Challenge

Skibidi Toilet Challenge is fun and competitive game. You will participate in interesting challenges between characters whose heads come out of the toilet.

You will embark on an exciting adventure that is sure to be filled with excitement and chaos if you enter the Skibidi Toilet Competition. Prepare to plunge headfirst into the incredible world of Skibidi, where countless challenges await you. You will need all your wits and strong stamina if you want to succeed on this expedition.

Missions and controls

You need to use the mouse or touch to hold the round button on the left side of the screen to move your character to move. Make him run forward and avoid a number of different obstacles along the way, if you collide you will lose the game. You will complete many levels through different stages, each level has its own unique challenges and of course you will compete with many other players who also join, go fast and complete the challenge.


Get ready to embark on an adventure that will plunge you into a complex world that emphasizes the anomalies that are part of skibidi culture. The world you enter will be a world you have never seen before. On this trip, both your resourcefulness and determination will be tested. Take part in an exciting obstacle course whose fierce struggle for dominance is being fought by cartoon singers. Do you have a burning ambition to win first place in whatever field you compete in? Join these quirky creatures as soon as possible and work hard to ensure that you beat all your opponents to claim the title of champion.