Princesses Castle

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Princesses Castle is an interesting and fun game for girls. In the game you will transform into a princess in the villa, your task is to find other princesses.

You have arrived at the princess's palace! You are about to embark on an enchanting journey into a world straight out of a fairy tale, a place full of magical and exciting adventures. Explore the fascinating interior of the castle that was home to a royal family. Your mission is to track down all the beautiful princesses, interact with them and find out all the mysteries hidden inside the mysterious castle. In our game you will have the opportunity to do anything similar! So how do you see this activity? We're sure you're dying to start the game right now.

How to rescue the princess?

Somehow you found yourself in a massive castle, and now your mission is to recruit as many beautiful princesses as possible. At first it seems easy, but as you continue to play, you will realize that it is not. First, let's look at some of the available functions and features. The first item that catches your attention is a giant machine that will be used to create princesses for you to play with.

Visit the store and buy a magical tube shaped like a princess. Then use your magic wand to free the princess from her bondage and break the glass. The next thing to do is design a completely new princess. To do this, put your princesses in our enchanting machine and in a moment you will see a different princess completely different from the others. But first, let's make sure our princesses are well taken care of. Maybe they need to eat or perhaps just take a shower. You need to make sure the castle has all it needs to keep the princesses happy.

To achieve this, you need to go through all the settings and determine what new decorations are available to you. Coins are needed to buy a different type of princess, and you can earn coins by playing mini-games or collecting trash. Just clicking on the machine will provide all the information about the type of princess needed for the creation of the next princess. Create your own fresh princesses and bring beautiful young ladies into the castle so you can have a good time.

How to play

You can use the mouse to join the game.