Poke Game

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About Poke Game

Game Poke helps you prove your sorting skills. Your task is to match the pieces that are being shuffled to form a complete pokemon through the levels.

Welcome to Game Poke a game with simple gameplay but requires your intelligence and quick thinking on our website. To complete your tasks through the levels you need to carefully observe the picture and complete it in the most accurate way, are you confident that you can create many different Pokemon pictures? Let's get started now!

You should start by looking for puzzle pieces. Place them on the table with the correct side facing up. One way to define them is the right angle formed by the intersection of two parallel sides. To begin assembling the frame, start by positioning these corner pieces as shown. Find the remaining edge pieces around the frame and continue attaching them. What is certain is that the linked edges will continue to work as expected.

You can now start arranging the puzzle pieces by color, texture and pattern once the outline has been completed. It is important to keep the sections with the same or similar images together. As a result, they can now be located with greater accuracy. If you're not sure about anything, try spinning a quarter to see if it helps. With just a little tweaking, an unprecedented component can work perfectly.

Note that you can view and control your completion time, the time shown in the upper right corner of the screen, and the number of times you move the puzzle piece.

Specific pairing instructions

Use the mouse to move and match the puzzle pieces as you like.