Papa's Scooperia

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About Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia is a fun business simulation game that takes part in the journey of ice cream shop development and shows how to manage your store.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of frozen treats as you step into the glamorous kingdom of Papa's Scooperia! Developed by Flipline Studios, this gripping time management game promises to satisfy your ice cream cravings while testing your multitasking skills. Get ready to put on a skilled scooper's hat and embark on a sweet journey that will leave you craving more!

Welcome to Portallini and Papa's Scooperia!

Portallini, a quaint little town known for its love of ice cream, serves as a fun backdrop for your ice cream parlor adventure. The plot unfolds when you discover that Papa Louie has gone missing, leaving you in charge of his Scooperia. This is your chance to shine and create delicious frozen treats that will keep customers coming back in seconds!

Master your ice cream art

In Papa's Scooperia, you'll play as Alberto or Penny, each with their own set of skills. Your main task is to skillfully create a variety of premium sundaes and ice cream cones according to customers' orders. The game has an extensive menu with a variety of flavors, toppings and mixes that will challenge your creativity. From classic chocolate and vanilla to exotic flavors like Red Velvet and Matcha, the possibilities are endless!

Challenges of time management

As clients flood your bustling living room, you'll need to stay calm under pressure and manage your time effectively. Respond quickly to their requests, carefully following their specific requests to earn extra tips. Monitor Build Station, Mix Station and Top Station, ensuring every step in the process is executed flawlessly. Don't forget to complete special missions and in-game achievements to earn rewards and unlock exciting new ingredients.

Decorate and personalize your Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia doesn't just provide ice cream! Customize your living room with a range of eye-catching furniture and decorations, creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes guests happy. The more satisfied customers are, the higher the reputation of the shop, thereby attracting more ice cream lovers.

For those looking for more fun, Papa's Scooperia has a multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with friends or players around the world. Team up to create the ultimate ice cream masterpieces and see whose ice cream scooping skills reign supreme!

How to play the game Papa's Scooperia

You can use the mouse to join this game. Choose your character: Choose between Alberto and Penny, each with their own strengths.

  • Take customer orders: Pay attention to their preferences and create the perfect ice cream.
  • Scoop, Mix and Top: Cleverly manipulate the Build, Mix, and Top Stations to create the desired mixes.
  • Manage your time: Stay organized and serve customers promptly to earn tips and bonuses.
  • Decorate your living room: Customize your Scooperia to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Unlock achievements: Complete challenges and earn rewards to enhance your gameplay.